(Repair Tactics) – How Much Does it Cost to Reglaze Windows?

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The average cost to reglaze a traditional window is $250 to $650 in 2022. This includes the labor cost, the material cost, and the window repair. A single pane of glass can take 15 minutes to 1 hour to reglaze.

For a big-size wood or vinyl window, you would expect to pay as much as $1,500. The cost of replacing three panes on a bay window can range between $600 and $1,200.

For example, average window frame repair costs between $190 and $500 if a section is rotted or cracked. 

How Much Does it Cost to Reglaze Windows
How Much Does it Cost to Reglaze Windows

Based on the material used for the window and frame, the size of the window and glass pane, and the total number of windows, the actual cost can vary.

Window Reglazing Cost Summary

Window reglazing is relatively inexpensive unless you need to replace a window glass or windowpane or an entire window.

According to estimates for 2022, here is the cost summary for single-glazed windows and double-glazed windows, including replacement glass:

Total Costing AreasPrice Range
Window Glass$8-$20 per square foot
Glazing Putty or Sealant$10-$100
DIY Job$20-$100 per window
Professional Labor$50-$150 per window
Average Window Reglazing Cost$250-$650

What is Window Glazing?

It is too cold outside of your house or there is a sudden storm. You shut down the windows of your room to make the room weathertight. But suddenly you feel there is something wrong.

You investigate the window again. But it is closed and all the glass frames are good. Then you realize that the window glazing is faulty and you have to reglaze the windows immediately.

Now you may be thinking about how much you have to cost to reglaze the storm window. In this article, we tried to find out the answer and details about the topic. Without wasting any time, let’s jump into the topic.

Average Glazing Putty or Sealant Cost in 2022

The market offers three types of putty. Prices vary according to the type. Generally, you will not need more than a pint of glazing to reglaze a single window or small pane. The cost of a 20 oz container of glazing will not exceed $100 in recent years.

Compared to a single pane window, a double pane window will cost more. Putty and sealants are available at any hardware store. A window’s size and number will determine the price of its glazing.

If you have big windows, you will have to purchase larger containers, increasing your costs.

Quality of the PuttyCost Range
Mid-range Level$30-$60
Premium Quality$60-$100

Window Reglazing Professional Cost

A professional can charge you $50 to $150 per window in the current year. If you are too busy to put a hand on this little work, it’s ok. A professional can do it for you. Based on your location, window’s condition, and labor time, it can be a bit more or less.

It is usually necessary to take special care when replacing or reglazing the windows of an old house. You should hire a professional glazer to glaze the old window or replace it with a double-paned window.

Glass Replacement Cost in 2022

Sometimes you have to replace broken glass or cracked glass, or you may want to remove all the glass from the window frame and replace it with new glasses.

Double pane glass can cost you around $10 to $20 per square foot and single pane glass can cost you between $5 to $10 approximately. Single pane glass is to give any shape but it can break easily.

That’s why people use a double glass window. It is very much durable and suitable for modern building codes. You can have it from any hardware store and they will cut it in the shape and size according to your need.

DIY Job for Reglazing Window

It can cost you between $20 and $100 to reglaze windows on your own in 2022. For window replacement or window glass replacement, it can cost you even more. Reglazing windows is not a difficult task to try DIY.

If you have free time on your hands and follow the step-by-step process we provide in the article, you can easily reglaze the windows. A DIY job will save professional costs or labor costs.

Which Features to Look for While Buying Glazing Putty?

When you are reglazing windows, you are expecting that they will survive for at least 10 to 20 years. To ensure this life, you have to look for some features while buying glaze.

The following are the five most important features to consider when purchasing glazing putty:

1. Drying Time

Drying time is the prime feature you should look at. The more quickly it will dry up, the less time it will take to complete the work and paint the surface. Choose the brand that will take less time to dry up compared to others.

2. Yellowing or Mark

Some putty left yellowing and marks on the surface after applying and drying the putty. Choose a glaze that gives a bright look after drying the putty.

3. Shrinking

Low-budget putty generally shrinks after drying up. It expands the smoothness of the glazed area and makes the holes visible. Choose the glaze which will not shrink after drying.

4. Elasticity

Before it is applied and dried up, it must remain elastic in the container. Check it out before bringing the container home. If it gets hard in the container, better you should avoid that one.

5. Weatherproof

Whatever brand you choose, the product must be weatherproof. If it doesn’t survive in any weather, it will be a complete waste of money.

How to Save Money from Window Reglazing Cost in 2022

Here are some tips for saving your valuable money from reglazing windows. You can apply these processes while doing the work.

  • You can try a DIY job to complete the work.
  • Using remaining putty from any previous work which is in good condition.
  • You can use previously used glass.
  • Replacing old glasses with single pane glass.
  • Using the traditional hard linseed oil putty.
  • Choose a window putty that remains elastic throughout its lifetime.
  • Putting double glazing after glass repair will increase the cost. Single glazing will cost half of it.

What to Choose: Reglaze Windows or Replace Windows?

People generally get twisted between reglaze windows and replacement windows. It becomes a hard decision to choose one from them. Reglaze windows are filled with new glaze in the place of old putty when it runs out.

It is easy to do in most cases and takes very little time and labor. Replacing a window is removing the old window or broken window and replacing it with a new set of metal windows or wooden windows.

It takes much labor and time to replace a whole set of new windows. What you choose fully depends on the windows. If the windows are in good structure and glass panes are also fine, only glaze is damaged, it’s better to choose to reglaze the window.

But if the glass panes are cracked or the window is too old or there is a lot of noise coming from the outside, it is time to replace the window. It is more beneficial to replace old house windows compared to reglaze windows.

7 Reasons to Reglaze: Importance of Reglazing Windows in 2022

There are many reasons for which you need to reglaze the faulty or damaged glaze immediately. Here are some benefits or importance of reglazing windows:

  • This helps control the temperature inside the house.
  • It prevents the passage of heat, air leaks, and energy loss.
  • Hence, it increases the energy efficiency of your house.
  • Your windows will require less fixing.
  • It keeps the glasses in place.
  • Moreover, it kept the wooden windows or storm windows weathertight.
  • It protects the glass after window restoration.

Top 5 Signs to Reglaze Windows That You Must Notice

Several signs may indicate that you may need to replace the window immediately. Here are those five symptoms that indicate a replacement window is needed:

  • Cracked or fell off the glaze from the window edge.
  • Heat and air leakage from the house.
  • After replacing windows.
  • After every ten to fifteen years.
  • Not covering the window edge properly.

DIY Process for Reglazing Windows in 2022

If you think you can do it yourself, this section will be very much helpful for you. Read all the steps carefully and go step by step. Still, if you have any confusion watch a video about how to reglaze the window and gather your confidence before starting the actual work.

DIY Tools that You Must Need

You must need these tools in your hand to complete the whole task. Paint is compulsory. You can use paint over the glaze to match the color or you can leave it that way.

  • Glazing Putty or Sealant.
  • Putty knife and Razor knife.
  • Single or double pane glass (if needed).
  • Paint carefully.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Reglaze Windows at Home in 2022

Reglazing windows is not rocket science. Have a look at this brief discussion. Surely it will help you to overcome all confusion. Still, If you are not confident enough, we highly recommend you leave the work for the people who are experienced in it.

Step 1: Investigate The Window’s Situation

First, you have to investigate the window’s condition. You have to find the answers to how many glass panes need to be replaced, how many windows need to reglaze if there is any glazing missing, or if there is any life left in them.

The best way to examine the glaze is to place a knife blade in the cracks. If it fits in the crack, you have to reglaze the windows.

Step 2: Withdraw the Faulty Glaze

You can remove the old glazing without removing the window. Use a razor knife or a scraper to remove the faulty glaze. Carefully chip off the glaze from the window with the knife. Make sure you don’t hurt the glass.

If you feel it’s hard to remove, you can use a heat gun to soften the glaze. It will help to fill the glaze easily. Be careful while using heat guns, it can damage the paint of surrounding areas.

Step 3: Remove Damaged Glass and Wood

After removing the glaze only the glass and wood remain in the frame. If you need to remove any glass or broken pane, first carefully remove the metal clips that hold the glass in place.

Now it is free to remove. Carefully remove the glass from its place. Now examine the wood if it is ok or not. If any wood needs to be replaced, remove it too.

Step 4: Replace the Glass and Wood

Now measure the old pieces of glass and buy the same size glass from any hardware shop. They will give the shape according to your measurement. Remember you have to leave a one-sixteenth inch from each side.

It helps the glass to fit in place perfectly. Now put a thin layer of glazing compound on the frame and place the glass in it. Seal it in the place by putting metal chips with the putty knife.

Step 5: Reglaze Windows

Keep the glazing compound warm or at room temperature. It will be easy to give any shape. Take a small ball amount of putty. Squeeze it for a minute until it becomes nice and flexible.

Roll it like a breadstick and place the roll on the edge of the window. Fill up the whole edge in a similar way. Forcibly push it in against the window with your hand. Similarly, go all the way.

Now take your putty knife. Place it in a corner. Then put two fingers in the back of the knife. Now push down and draw its knife toward you. Remove the remaining excess. Do the same process one more time.

Step 6: Paint the Glaze

Leave it for 10 to 15 days before you apply paint. It is not a mandatory part. But it can increase the lifetime of the glaze. To paint the glaze, you need to use a high-quality oil-based primer.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related to Window Reglazing: (FAQs)

How long does it take the window glaze to dry?

It depends on the type of glaze. Oil-based glazing can take 15 to 30 days to completely dry up and water-based glazing can take 5 to 15 days to dry up.

Which is the ideal putty for glazing?

There are three types of putty available in the market. Traditional hard linseed oil putty, semi or non-hardening oil putty, and acrylic putty. Of the three types, acrylic putty cures very fast. It can be ready to paint within one or two hours. Also, you can choose any type that can give good service and can be removed easily.

How long does window glazing last?

The lifespan of glazing depends on many factors like Putty type, putty quality, window materials, etc. For an average type of putty, it can run for more than 10 years and a high-end putty can run around 20 to 30 years.

Can I reglaze windows without removing them?

Yes, you can reglaze the windows without removing them. If the glass pane and wooden frame are ok, you can reglaze windows keeping them in place. Removing it from the place will give you extra griff and comfort.

Should window glazing be painted?

It depends on you and the color of the house exterior. It is not mandatory to paint the edge after reglazing. The glazing compound is generally white. If your house has a different color you can paint it to match the color.

Is it hard to reglaze windows?

It depends on the window condition and glass pane condition. If you have to remove the window and replace damaged wood or frame, it will be a difficult task and you have to hire a professional. But if you only need to put in putty it will be an easy task and you can try a DIY job.

Should I prime the window before glazing?

It always depends. Before glazing a bare sash, prime it with an oil-based primer. After your window is glazed, you should not prime the glazing putty.

Do you glaze both sides of a window?

You can but you can’t do them at the same time. Despite the fact that the glazing technique doesn’t change, it is important to follow this specific sequence. Glaze the top of each pane of the sash upside down. Glaze the sash on both sides by turning it sideways.

Where should you not caulk around windows?

There is a reason. There are some movable parts in the window. Caulking can seal those moving parts.

How long must the window putty dry before painting?

It takes a little longer. Putty requires between 7 and 14 days to dry. After it has dried completely, paint it. Use a cleaning solvent to clean the window. The putty should not remain unpainted for longer than 17 days.

Is it worth restoring old wood windows?

Definitely, there are studies showing that restoring a window can provide the same level of insulation as modern vinyl replacement windows. Furthermore, they are airtight and tend to last longer than modern windows, which are made of less durable materials.

Final Thought on “Reglazing Windows” Cost 2022

In the whole article, we tried to explain exactly what window reglazing costs and many details about the related topics. It doesn’t cost much and you can have the work done by a professional or you can try DIY.

Hope it has solved all your doubts and confusion related to it. We are working hard together with all the information in a place so that you don’t have to waste your valuable time. Stay with us for more exciting articles.

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